Premium Light 3.4%
Pale golden yellow colour, good hit of fragrant hops, solid mouth feel and a good representation of a satisfying and refreshing low alcohol premium. Pleasing textured finish to dry spice.

Mexican 4.8%
Clean, refreshing, dense Arctic head releases a rich hop aroma. A piney and citrus palate. Fine Munich malt and resiney hop finish with a cracking, crisp, dry whip. Go to a bullfight, wear a newspaper hat and eat crispy whitebait! Great beer, great day.

Polar Beer 4.5%
Pale gold colour, solid creamy head. Medium body with clean melon palate combined with a lean bitterness. Ripper session beer that definitely belongs in a jug!!

Pilsner 4.8%
Rich and well hopped. Grassy perfumed with fresh SAAZ hops and plenty of ‘em. Pours pale straw with solid dense head. Honeyish malt backed up with more herbal hops and lengthy bitterness; Fwoar!

Radler 4.8%
Pours with a fresh cut hay colour. Delicate lime balances nicely with hidden saltiness. This beer takes you for a ride, finishes like a dry fruit tingle. Bonzer hot weather specialty.

Honey Wheat 4.8%
Slight golden haze. Banana and honey aroma and yeasty clove. Fine dense foam. Noble German hops bind the flavour. Layers nicely to a sweet lingering finish, grainy and full.

Pale Ale 4.8%
Nice light copper colour leads to a honey and treacle nose. Light caramel and citrus hop balance is a treat. Finishes with wicked mineral dryness. Peel Eel!

Hop Head Pale Ale 4.8%
It seems everyone finds something different in this beer. It’s a big bold, almost brash hop clout. Looks tame enough when glassed, but its all hop. Citric, kiwi fruit, melon & bitterness with a cool dry finish.

English Pale Ale 4.8%
This one produces a tight creamy head backed up by complex malt throwing good ruby colour. English noble hops used with a restraint allow the malt more room. A UK village special.

Bright Ale 4.8%
Pale, straw colour, medium bodied crisp summer ale. Well geared for balmy arvo’s. Tropical hop notes and mild biscuity malt. A scaled back session ale.

Bitter 4.8%
Pours superbly with a rich copper hue. Creamy white head delivers a solid malt backbone with slight butterscotch. Then, bam! A generous clout of solid Aussie hops. Session anyone? Matter a fact, I got it now.

Irish Red 5.0%
Carared and melanoidin malts create an appealing apricot colour. Smooth full mid-palate with toffee and rich malt. The brakes are on the bitterness to draw the malt profile forward. Great balance and highly gluggular.

Brown Ale 4.8%
Deep mahogany colour with a solid caramel foam. Begins with carob and nougat, finishes with cola, toffee and smokey malt. Think of timber yachts and Grandad’s furniture.

Stout 4.8%
A complex aroma of musty cocoa, stewed prunes and tar. A toasty fullness of woody chocolate and anice with cream coffee finish. Doesn’t cloy, try stopping once you’ve started. Keeps calling...

MIX THEM UP A LITTLE - Schooners $7.0 –Jugs $19
Black and Tan - Stout and Mexican
DIESEL - Mexican and Coke
Ginger Shandy – Mexican and Dry Ginger Ale
Lager and Lime – Mexican with a Dash of Lime Cordial
Portagaff – Stout and Lemonade
Shandy – Mexican and Lemonade
Lady Boy - Stout and Grenadine
Snake Bite! – Cider, Mexican and Grenadine